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    List of things assignable to Frozen Harbor


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    List of things assignable to Frozen Harbor

    Post  Xil on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:02 am

    I'm posting this cause some player's imps are being wasted in buying things which cant be assigned to frozen harbor. Got this list for LS

    Fairy Ration
    Auto Ration
    Great Fairy Ration
    Great Auto Ration
    Great Snow Dragon Fruit
    Great Icespire Plum
    Great Zephyr Fish Floss
    Great Argent Mango
    Great Shaitan Biscuit
    Snow Dragon Fruit
    Icespire Plum
    Zephyr Fish Floss
    Argent Mango
    Shaitan Biscuit
    Improved Strength Fruit
    Improved Agility Fruit
    Improved Accuracy Fruit
    Improved Constitution Fruit
    Improved Spirit Fruit
    Chipped Gem of the Wind
    Chipped Gem of Striking
    Chipped Gem of Colossus
    Chipped Gem of Rage
    Chipped Gem of Soul
    Egg of Mordo
    Mordo Junior
    Fairy of Life
    Fairy of Darkness
    Fairy of Virtue
    Fairy of Kudos
    Fairy of Faith
    Fairy of Valor
    Fairy of Hope
    Fairy of Woe
    Fairy of Love
    Grand EXP gift
    Birthday Cake
    Demonic Fruit of Strength
    Demonic Fruit of Mystery
    Demonic Fruit of Intellect
    Demonic Fruit of Energy
    Demonic Fruit of Courage
    Demonic Fruit of Acidity
    Demonic Fruit of Aberrant
    Lance Bloodmoon Set(1)
    Lance Bloodmoon Set(2)
    Lance Bloodmoon Set(3)
    Lance Bloodmoon Set(4)
    Phyllis Bloodmoon Set(1)
    Phyllis Bloodmoon Set(2)
    Phyllis Bloodmoon Set(3)
    Phyllis Bloodmoon Set(4)
    Carsise Bloodmoon Set(1)
    Carsise Bloodmoon Set(2)
    Carsise Bloodmoon Set(3)
    Carsise Bloodmoon Set(4)
    Ami Bloodmoon Set(1)
    Ami Bloodmoon Set(2)
    Ami Bloodmoon Set(3)
    Ami Bloodmoon Set(4)
    Ami Piggy Set4
    Ami Piggy Set3
    Ami Piggy Set2
    Ami Piggy Set1
    Carsise Piggy Set4
    Carsise Piggy Set3
    Carsise Piggy Set2
    Carsise Piggy Set1
    Philly Piggy Set4
    Philly Piggy Set3
    Philly Piggy Set2
    Philly Piggy Set1
    lance piggy set4
    lance piggy set3
    lance piggy set2
    lance piggy set1
    little snow ball
    Santa Summon Scroll
    Sledding Fireworks
    New Year Firework
    Red Christmas Box
    Xmas Stockings Fireworks
    Follower Summon Chest

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    Re: List of things assignable to Frozen Harbor

    Post  Larxene on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:32 pm

    So is it like Weapons that can't be assigned?

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    Re: List of things assignable to Frozen Harbor

    Post  Kaiyra on Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:03 am

    hmmm.... not exactly sure how correct your list is since I've been able to assign shaintan biscuits, but not hair vouchers and std medi =/

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    Re: List of things assignable to Frozen Harbor

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