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    Ca Tweak ftw Empty Ca Tweak ftw

    Post  PepperMi on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:59 pm

    Hoho..Looking for CA tweak eh. Few simple steps really
    For starters, you need to download this file
    uploading.com Ca%2Btweak.zip/
    if that link doesnt work,
    megaupload.com FXN1YKGU

    dont download both, either one is fine

    After downloading said so file..follow these steps

    1 - make a copy of your Tales Of Pirates folder and paste is smhwere.( you can rename it to Tales of Pirates Ca Tweak)

    2- open the file which you downloaded

    3- There should be 2 files in there, scripts and system

    4- open those 2 folders till you find iteminfo.bin and game.exe

    5- copy those 2 files and replace it in your new copy of Tales Of Pirates

    6- find and delete areaset.bin ( scripts > table > delete areaset.bin)

    7- open update.cfg (using notepad) and replace the value of
    skip_update = 0 into skip_update = 1

    And you\'re done =D

    *known issues*

    your client is gonna crash if theres new items in it I.E xmas tickets etc etc. Dont worry, its normal =D

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    Ca Tweak ftw Empty Re: Ca Tweak ftw

    Post  Hachimata on Sun Jan 10, 2010 8:01 pm

    awesome thanks man Razz

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