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    Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction)


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    Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction) Empty Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction)

    Post  ZeaWeasel on Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:15 pm

    As we know.. so many things happened after neravine was destroyed (or deleted), Fear is controlled by someone more.. Hachi and Kai joined Exclusive, Larx, Madz and me were in the streets.. and the 38% of the guild joined Angels..

    As maybe the half of we know, many things happened before.. The unactivity in chat (I dont care about DW or CA; i just go to CA for get Refs from monters), Forum inactivity and the undecision about The "Join or not to Join" Post..

    Now the Present of Neravine, i want to stay in forum.. the oment of privacy, as i said in the "Join or not to join" post, "but leave the forum, at least a moment in private" i like my guildies, now because i didnt knew that our guild was destroyed, i want to know your experience after and before the destruction..

    Tell your History... ^^

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    Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction) Empty Re: Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction)

    Post  Hachimata on Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:33 pm

    well someday maybe I might revive the guild, but it would be different, I'd let anyone in, and help out low level people (like I said would have to weed out spammers and such).

    Neravine was a way to try and get stronger, but at the same time hold those kinds of family values. Then it really had a magical spark to it, and everyone was lively and fun.

    what I think happened was, most of the people got bored and me and kai bein less active didn't help either. Neither of us can help it though, me with work and her being unable to get to a comp.

    We all could probably feel when the guild was dying, even after a few really cool new recruits (like BloodShot) brought some life back into it, but I know some people loved the guild even then.

    I did too, and I didn't really want it disbanded, but I also wanted to pursue other things. I can't exactly say all my reasons why I joined, but a couple reasons were I wanted to get runes for our guild and I wanted to help them own angels, which is a guild I strongly dislike cuz of a few of their members.

    to be honest, I have been breaking down a lot lately, having to hold a couple of jobs just to stay afloat, plus being online for others (is tired of playing to be a strong character). I don't know how much longer I can last in game, and now my mother lost her job and I have to help her. If she cant get one cuz of this messed up economy idk if I'll even be able to stick around online for more than an hour or two.

    But yeah, keep the forums alive, a guild is a name, but what it stands for is forever for those who it touched.

    Plus I'll add more to me story once I write it, even add a story I did when I was Zea's age if ya want o.o

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    Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction) Empty Re: Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction)

    Post  TheFear on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:33 pm

    before joining neravine i had a other character...TheSorrow...was a sharpshoter full con (my first ss xD) in my first guld i met someone that after a long time..asked me to make a champ and abandon the ss (because i had a nice damage...but low def and low aspd) ..then i created the fear ...in lvl 42....that person (maybe i tell u guys another time..not today Razz ) left server....exclusive fault Mad ...then all my frineds in that guild started to left too...and left...left....one day..i was running in mine 1....i met 2 strange crazy and funny friends..hachimata and kaiyra...then we start to play in mine haven..saying to everyone we were nobs xP Laughing ...at the end we were slashing things in mine 2...and we start to talk ..and i became friends of both...

    When i saw hachi and kaiy was from same guild i asked why hachi left fc...and why kaiy joined a guild..then they told me kaiy created the guild and hachi was there too...to kick some exclusive ass.....then i joined...i left guerreiros z (the guild i was..everyone there is nice o.o they all likes me =P), they were sad for some days coz i left..but they r good now xD cyclops ...then i joined neravine..for fun...and revenge Twisted Evil o.o Twisted Evil .

    Neravine was the most happy and fun guild i ever was in all these years of playing xD i met a lot of people....larx...winter...and 1 of the funniest...LIL WEASEL Razz (i cant call by the real name o.o strange..but i only know how say...lil weasel xD)...man..i never was so happy in a guild before xD u guys rock!....NERAVINE FTW!!

    THE END :
    Then people start to left...and left and left.. (omg..i think i saw that before o.o)..but..was fine to me..we still ca make other guild xD..so..dun worreh beh happeh....but..for some dificulties in life i had to left game for some time....but..when i knew hachi and kaiy joined exclusive...... pale Suspect Question affraid Crying or Very sad ...i knew i had to come back o.o.....but now i need to pay 10 reais (20 dollars for who lives in USA...) to play 30 min...because i dont have a pc anymore xD..so i need to go to lans(place with lots of pcs...u pay money to play games o.o) to stay 30 min with u..and know what the **** is going on clown ..but....my acc was stole by someone..(noooo!) i thought it was 1 of my friends..but is not...so i use a friends acc for some min...........anyway...so my investigations told me that kaiy want to leave server o.o...i still trying to talk to u kaiy..but i need to know whats the 30 min of the day u r online xD....but i will enter in the right time..i know i will o.o....pls dot leave server until this...i need to talk to u first xD..(of course i could try to talk to u by forum..but will be harder o.o) so ...pls kaiy...dont leave server!!!! (lol i forgot to tell the rest of the hystory...well..i finish another day o.o)..welll cya Very Happy ..(dont leave server kaiy...pls Sad ...and hachi...if someone tell me that u r happy in exclusive...i kill u Laughing ...)bye...my 30 min r ending...see you all another day..byeee!!

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    Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction) Empty Re: Project Neravine (The after and before the destruction)

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