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    TheFear and guerreiros z vs Exclusive


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    TheFear and guerreiros z vs Exclusive

    Post  TheFear on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:16 pm

    hey every1...as almost all server knows...on that sunday...had a war betwen banana split (exclusive) and guerreiros z (my old guild)...when i was doing some business in game..(sitting and watching tv x]~) mestre kame suddenly started to asking help because he challenged banana split for a mistake...and ops pmed him saying that they were screw Twisted Evil then...i had to leave neravine to help them..yeah i know im not strong...but i can help...then i called more players to help in that war..like some fairy tales(goomba acepted but couldnt play at war time and god was afk)..indonesia all stars..etc...
    anyway...i toke some scrennshots from there..its not many because was really hard there pale Shocked here some of them :

    here is our strange starting battle formation Laughing

    here..is when jayB killed me..idk why but..he always kill me Shocked in Chaos Argent he kill me all the time ¬¬

    but now...we started to fight serious...Exclusive deads now : 2 N911 by Gohan and Kenshin by Hermione....and our ex-teammate gavie killed me...(hey gavie =P)

    Exclusive deads : 1 taze by paula

    then they get angry..and meedo killed 60% of guerreiros...

    but we keep moving foward...exclusive deads : 2 taze by morgan and cry3 by Gohan
    and here...they won...but we killed few of them..for me..thats a victory o.o cheers and i almost killed kenshin and midlefinger..but i couldnt get the scrennshot..

    well guys..here ends my adventure with guerreiros z in a impossible war against exclusive xD NOTE: 60% couldnt even go to lvl 60...and we killed few of them Razz and now i need to come back to neravine Shocked when possible..accept me back x]~

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    Re: TheFear and guerreiros z vs Exclusive

    Post  ZeaWeasel on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:46 pm

    Good War o.o

    i couldnt see some screenshots.. but.. a abd new.. Kai will be offline a while.. idk if Hachi can accept but.. good luck..

    PS: i couldnt connect on sunday, i would be there =P

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